this is my second hobby, the rubik's cube

In this short text I'll introduce you to my hobby, the rubiks cube. I've always been impressed by the people who could sove the Rubiks Cube really quick. One day my father was trying it out. I watched him for a few minutes, after that I went to my PC and printed out some instructions. After that, it was all just practice. Solving the first layer, the 2nd and the last. For all that you need tp learn a bunch of algorhythms to be able to complete the cube. After 5 days of practice I was able to solve it whithout any instruction manual. I felt really good that I've achieved a nice goal for myself. After the 3x3 cube I've tried out a few other types, like the Mirror Cube, the Pyramid or the 2x2. My fastest time with the standart 3x3 cube is around 40 seconds, which isn't great but I'm happy with it.